Myung Duk Chung




2016   Master of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Advanced Placement 

2011   Bachelor of Architecture at HANYANG Engineering University in Seoul, South Korea, 



Professional Formation


2017 Teaching and Research Fellowship at C.A.S.T. University of Manitoba, Canada
Researched “Fabric Masonry” and taught Inflatable Object by simulating inflation of soft materials.

2016 Junya.Ishigami + Associates, Tokyo, Japan
Simulated randomly growing tree patterns

2015 Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Boston, US 
Fabricated resonant wooden installation for deaf people

2015 Studio Link–Arc, New York, US 
Participated in a Socrates Sculpture Park Folly 2015 Competition, New York

2010 Junglim Architecture, Seoul, Korea 
Served remodeling project for a kindergarten building in Changwon, Korea.

2010 Wonyang Architecture, Seoul, Korea 
Conducted research on various types of housing unit plans.



Teaching Experience and Researches


2018   ARCH 7080 Technology Thesis, University of Manitoba, Carlos Rueda, Teaching Assistant

2018   Frozen Structures / Fluid Forces, Exploring self-forming structural membranes, Professor Lancelot Coar, Teaching Assistant

2015   Geometric Disciplines and Architecture Skills 2, MIT, Professor Brandon Clifford,Teaching Assistant,

2015   Furniture Making Workshop, MIT,Technical Instructor Christopher Dewart, Teaching Assistant,

2014   MIT Wood Shop, Teaching Assistant,


2014   Brandon Clifford’s BSA Installation, Microtherme, Research Assistant,

2014   2014 Brandon Clifford’s Keller Gallery Exhibition, “Round Room”, Research Assistant, 

2013   Researched about urine and feces problems in development country, GSD, Harvard 



Awards and Honors


2018   Lexus Design Award - Finalist

2010   2010 graduation exhibition of Hanyang univ. -First Place

2010   The 29th Korea Institute of Architects competition. -Second place

2010   The 9th LG Interior Design competition. -Honorable mention

2010   The 7th DOCOMOMO_Korea Design CompetitionJun. -Special selection

2009   JAD International Design Competition. -Finalist




Grasshopper, Millipede, Kangaroo, Karamba, 3D max Maya, Revit, Dynamo

Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Processing

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